Remember to ask for the useful TRENTINO GUEST CARD, once you have arrived in your hotel.
Cost should be around 5€.

Opportunities using the Trentino Guest Card, during your stay in Trento:
- unlimited access on extra-urban or urban buses* in the entire Trentino region, that are managed by the Trentino Trasporti Esercizio company;
- unlimited access on the Trento-Malé  train* and on regional trains* in the Trentino;
- admission in Trentino to important museums (MART, MUSE, Museum of Trentino Culture and Traditions...), castles, and other attractions.

Further information al listed HERE

*To travel on public transport, request integration with the transport card which will allow you to travel freely on all public transport in Trentino, simply by validating the card on board or at railway stations.
Usually the card provided at the hotels is already integrated with the transport card, but ask confirmation about it to be sure.

With your smartphone, log on and sign up by scanning the QR code on your Trentino Guest Card and you will have access to your personal page, where you can activate a number of useful services, such as the possibility of making reservations.


Would you like to use public transportation but you never know their timetables, or would you like to be informed about delays of trains and buses that you frequently use?

VIAGGIA TRENTO, an application that targets sustainable urban mobility features, may be the solution. 

You can easily download it for ANDROID or IOS  devices: 

Viaggia Trento is a project by Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Smart Community, and Trento Municipality, in collaboration with Trentino Trasporti Esercizio.