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Management Committee

  • FoxLab - a scientific initiative in joint collaboration between the Research and Innovation Centre of the Fondazione Edmund Mach (CRI-FEM) and the Italian National Research Council (CNR). It builds on a strategic convergence of expertise dealing with biometeorology, ecosystem science, forest genetics, tree pathology, soil ecology, and wood science.
  • Contact: dr. Franco Miglietta, f.miglietta@ibimet.cnr.it
  • Department of Earth and Environment (DiTA) and Department of Agriculture and Food (DiSBA) of the CNR, with competences in the field of health and biology, and of environment and climate.
  • Contact: dr. Enrico Brugnoli (DiTA), dr. Francesco Loreto (DiSBA), enrico.brugnoli@cnr.it, francesco.loreto@cnr.it
  • The Italian research centres for Forest Monitoring and Management (MPF) and Forestry (SEL), as units of Agriculture Research Centre (CRA), responsible for the National Forest Inventory of Italy and coordinating partner in the inventory of soil carbon. The institute performs research on forest and soil carbon inventory, remote sensing applications for forest survey, forest management for ecosystem services, and conservation of genetic resources.
  • Contact: dr. Gianfranco Scrinzi (MPF), prof. Piermaria Corona (SEL), gianfranco.scrinzi@entecra.it, piermaria.corona@entecra.it
  • The Centro Studi Alpino (CSAlp, Italy) is a research and training unit of the University of Tuscia (UNITUS), located in Pieve and Cinte Tesino (Trento). It owns local structures specifically devoted to research and education activities on mountain environments.
  • Contact: prof. Luigi Portoghesi, lporto@unitus.it
  • The Centro Studi Appenninico (CSApp, Italy), a research and training unit of the University of Molise (UNIMOL), located in Pesche and Capracotta (Isernia). It conducts studies with focus on the restoration ecology of mountains in Mediterranean environments.
  • Contact: prof. Roberto Tognetti, tognetti@unimol.it
  • The Faculty of Science and Technology (FaST) of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (UNIBZ, Italy) offers doctorate programmes in Mountain Environment and Agriculture und Sustainable Energy and Technologies. These study programmes are characterized by their common interest in energy and environmental sustainability and in the economic and management areas.
  • Contact: prof. Giustino Tonon, giustino.tonon@unibz.it
  • The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DiCA) of the University of Trento (UNITN, Italy) has traditional experiences in hydraulics, architecture, topography and urban planning, as well as new competences in the branches of forestry, calculus, sanitary engineering, atmospheric physics and technical physics.
  • Contact: prof. Maria Giulia Cantiani, mariagiulia.cantiani@ing.unitn.it

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