MOUNTFOR is a European Forest Institute (EFI) Project Centre on Mountain Forests hosted by FoxLab, the Research Unit of the Edmund Mach Foundation located in San Michele all’Adige (Italy). 

MOUNTFOR is built upon the expertise and structures of a core network of research institutes, associate members of EFI, cooperating in strict teamwork with Headquarters and Regional Offices of EFI, and leading research networking, knowledge sharing and advanced learning.

MOUNTFOR works closely with policy makers and forest managers to craft and implement site-specific adaptation strategies to fulfil all ecosystem services and to preserve water resources.
Following the European and International policies on forest protection, MOUNTFOR works closely with EFI to mobilize forest research and expertise aimed at addressing policy-relevant needs with regard to mountain forest services and products, and to the development of their value chain.

  • brings together researchers to generate and disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge in forest science, including traditional knowledge, for evidence-based decision making; 
  • assists policy-makers and forest managers to craft and maintain equilibrium between socio-economic development and environmental conservation issues in mountain environments; 
  • contributes to resource mobilization activities to secure programme implementation of international commitments for the protection of forests; 
  • addresses transboundary issues by establishing solid strategic partnerships with relevant international organisations (e.g., FAO) and offering recommendations to regional and international authorities for restoring mountain forest ecosystems and functions, under the guidance of EFI; 
  • contributes to the FAO European Forestry Commission Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds (EFC WP MMW-link).

Latest news

2ND EFI-MOUNTFOR PhD Day, Wednesday 23, November 2016 ROMA: CALL FOR ABSTRACT

The EFI-Project Centre MountFor is an initiative of the European Forest Institute (EFI) focused on mountain forests and built upon the expertise and the structures of a core network of research institutes leading research networking, knowledge sharing and advanced learning.
The PhD Day is the appointment to spread the knowledge of the Project Centre and its activities to the scientific community and forest managers also through oral and poster presentations of PhD students.
PhD students will have the unique opportunity to share their works and find unexpected common interests while discussing their findings with experts and colleagues.
Moreover, the EFI-Project Centre MountFor welcomes the invitation to enhance the improvement of knowledge and exchange of best practices on adaptation in mountain areas, to support the transfer of low carbon and adaptive technologies taking into account traditional knowledge and practices in mountain areas, as well as to adopt a long-term vision and holistic approach.
The theme of the day is related to “Declaration on Mountains and Climate Change for COP21” that recall the key role and vulnerability of all mountainous areas, comparable with other very vulnerable areas. Focus will be driven to show efforts carried out to ensure and develop a full integration of mitigation and adaptation measures in mountainous areas and ecosystems.

All the information are available at the following link.

EFI fellowships award to Prof. Marco Marchetti

The decision-making session of the EFI 2016 Annual Conference ended with Prof. Marco Marchetti, Member of Steering Committee of the EFI-Project Centre MOUNTFOR (left), receiving the prestigious EFI fellowship award for his work and dedication to European forest research and EFI.
Chair of the EFI Board, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza (right) presented the award.